Brewers Forum gathers in Prague to celebrate brewers’ creativity, sustainability and passion

Brewers Forum gathers in Prague to celebrate brewers’ creativity, sustainability and passion

Brewers Forum 2023 - Prague

Prague, May 22, 2023. Representatives from the beer value chain gather in Prague today for the fifth edition of the Brewers Forum, aimed at exploring how the sector can become ever more sustainable and innovative to meet consumers’ demands.

Brewers, suppliers, policymakers, consumer groups and others will over the next two days celebrate beer, debate the issues facing the sector and discuss the solutions, as brewing continues to pursue its hard-fought recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the current economic challenges.

The Forum will be opened by The Brewers of Europe’s President Lasse Aho: “I am delighted to welcome brewers from across Europe and the rest of the world to Prague this week. Our sector is meeting the challenges of today: we are now over ten thousand breweries in Europe, producing ever more sustainably whilst also contributing to the European economy. We are innovative, creative, responsible and we bring people together in a positive way. We can be proud of ourselves.”

The first day also features speeches from Molson Coors Beverage Company President and CEO Gavin Hattersley, Asahi Europe & International CEO Paolo Lanzarotti, European Parliament Beer Club President Ivan Štefanec MEP and Czech Agriculture Minister Zdeněk Nekula.

The second day of the Forum will include The Brewers of Europe Board Member and Karlsberg CEO Christian Weber and US Brewers Association President and CEO Bob Pease in a transatlantic dialogue on promoting beer as the beverage of choice and the need to ensure that policymakers worldwide put in place measures that support the sector.

The Forum is an opportunity for brewers and our friends to collectively look to the future with optimism, creativity and solidarity, working together to ensure a bright future for beer. Sustainability is a key theme for this year’s event as the beer supply chain continues to find ways to reduce its environmental footprint and improve circularity, with sessions addressing how to cut carbon emissions, improve water circularity, and brewing sustainably.

Click here for full details of the Brewers Forum, including the programme.


Simon Spillane, Communications and Public Affairs Director,

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