Economy and jobs


Economy and jobs

The entire beer sector is a major contributor to the European economy, accounting for some €120 billion in total revenues every year and helping to support over 2 million jobs.

Beer also has an important role to play in supporting the EU’s goals of promoting competitiveness and sustainability – and provides some €50 billion in government tax revenues from excise duties, VAT and other sources.

In terms of value-added, the brewers and beer represent over €50 billion, of which more than half is from hospitality, almost a quarter from brewing and one-fifth from supply.

In 2022, Europe’s 10,000+ breweries brewed almost 35.9 billion litres of beer, of which 1.6 billion litres contained less than 0.5% alcohol or had no alcohol at all. That is equivalent to almost 80 litres per inhabitant. Germany is the EU’s leading beer producer, accounting for 22.2% of the total, followed by Spain (11.5%), Poland (11.0%), the Netherlands (7.5%) and France (5.9%).