The Brewers of Europe promotes responsible drinking. Through a range of campaigns and initiatives, we champion moderate consumption while preserving the enjoyment and social aspects of beer.

We collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders on comprehensive initiatives that address various aspects of responsible consumption. These collaborations have led to joint campaigns, educational materials and events that amplify the reach and impact of responsible drinking messages. The Brewers of Europe was also a founding member of the European Union’s Alcohol and Health Forum.

Many of our breweries engage directly with consumers in their communities, for example by participating in events, festivals, and educational workshops about the importance of responsible drinking and its positive effects on individual health and societal well-being.

In addition to campaigns, many breweries innovate in the production no-or-low alcohol beer options, providing consumers with alternatives. Where once non-alcoholic beer was a niche corner of the beer market, investment in brewing processes and marketing means that now one beer in every 15 is a non-alcoholic beer. This growth is set to continue. As these alternative high-quality options are gaining popularity, they challenge the misconception that drinking experiences are synonymous with high alcohol content.

Beer can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Beer has by far the lowest alcohol content of the main alcohol categories. It is typically consumed in moderation, and harmful drinking has been on the decline: EU data shows major reductions in alcohol-related harm, including lower drink drive fatalities and a drop in drunkenness amongst teenagers. Nonetheless, we take our responsibilities seriously, and we will continue to work with communities and decision-makers to create an enabling environment and ensure the best conditions for people to enjoy beer.

European Beer Pledge

Since 2012, The Brewers of Europe has had its European Beer Pledge, a pioneering voluntary initiative to help reduce alcohol-related harm, by renewing brewers’ commitment to supporting responsible consumption.

Launched in the European Parliament, the European Beer Pledge commits Europe’s brewers to take concerted and measurable action under three pillars of activity:

  • Increasing consumer knowledge of beer and its responsible consumption
  • Ensuring responsible advertising and marketing
  • Addressing alcohol misuse

We recognise our role in encouraging responsible consumption, and the European Beer Pledge is one step in this direction. Over the years, brewers have also been leading actors, with hundreds of local initiatives to support the European Beer Pledge. These range from the initiative by the Bulgarian Brewers (UBB) to encourage sport amongst children to the roadshow around Croatia’s schools to talk about the dangers of underage drinking, to Irish workshops to promote responsible serving and selling of alcoholic beverages.