A communication on the Beer Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (Beer PEFCRs)

A communication on the Beer Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (Beer PEFCRs)

January 3, 2022
The Brewers of Europe - News release
On 18 April 2018, the Beer Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (Beer PEFCRs) were officially approved by the Environmental Footprint Steering Committee.
The establishment of the Beer PEFCRs represented a major milestone in ensuring a harmonised methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of beer. Developed by representatives throughout the beer value chain and closely related beverage sectors, they enable brewers in Europe to define effective targets to meet the challenge of climate change and set a solid baseline for supply chain impact. Product environmental footprinting contributes to building a circular economy and to fostering a better environment for green businesses. They fit Europe’s Green Deal.
As the validity of the Beer PEFCRs has elapsed on 31 December 2021, The Brewers of Europe will undertake a light review conforming to the following rules laid down by the European Commission:
  • the scope and the representative product stays the same,
  • only the default EF compliant datasets are updated due to a correction made by the data provider and/or the EF reference package applied changes (update to 3.0 package), 
  • obvious mistakes are corrected
  • the revised PEFCRs are compliant with the most recent version of the EF methods.
We look forward to being joined in this exercise by the members of the Pilot Technical Secretariat. Other parties who would equally be interested to take part should flag their interest to The Brewers of Europe by end January 2022.
The Brewers of Europe aim to have a positive impact on society, people and the planet. For many years we have encouraged sustainable practices in our brewing processes, in our supply chains, and in how beer is consumed and enjoyed. We are central to a circular European economy and our progress goes hand-in-hand with the aims of the new European Green Deal. EF and Beer PEFCRs enable brewers and the wider eco-chain to contribute to the overall policy objective of Europe’s climate neutrality by 2050.


Simon Spillane, Communications and Public Affairs Director,

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