European Beer Trends – 2023 Edition and previous years

European Beer Trends – 2023 Edition and previous years

November 30, 2023
European Beer Trends 2023 - Statistics Report

In these fast-changing times, beer still stands the test of time, transcending borders and uniting diverse cultures. It brings people together across Europe, to talk, to share and to appreciate a good, refreshing beverage. There is no other drink that has the same power of attraction.

The last few years have seen new challenges coming thick and fast but the beer market is on the road to recovery since the Covid pandemic in 2020 forced bars, cafés and restaurants to close, with lockdowns keeping people from enjoying a beer with friends, family and new acquaintances.

The scars from this period are mapped in the 2023 Edition of our European Beer Trends Report. If 2020 brought an abrupt end to the gradual growth in production and consumption for European brewers, the recovery has been more steady and we can see in 2022 that the market was not yet back to its pre-Covid health.