Brewers are ready for the future

Brewers are ready for the future

Brewers are ready for the future

When you think of beer, you might picture a cold ale on a summer day, or the rich history of ancient brewing practices. But behind that frothy glass lies a world of innovation, resourcefulness and sustainability that often goes unnoticed. Brewers are at the forefront of these movements, constantly adapting and evolving to meet modern challenges. It is why brewers are not just keeping up with the times but are ready to lead us into the future.

Next week, we are in Lille with brewers, suppliers, policymakers and others for the biggest event on the European brewing calendar. The occasion is Lille 2024, the joint gathering of the Brewers Forum and the European Brewery Convention (EBC) Congress. It is a chance for us to take stock of the challenges ahead, from new regulations to changing consumer markets.

None of these issues on the horizon are putting us off. We know we can overcome them with creative solutions.

We already set out our vision of the future with our Brewers Manifesto. Launched in March, it is what the beer industry would like to see the European Union achieve over the next five years. With the European Parliament holding new elections next month, and a new Commission coming in next November, change is afoot.

Our Manifesto recognises that this is a moment of transition for brewers in Europe. We believe, firstly, that beer should be recognised by EU policymakers for its intrinsic value: it is a lower-alcohol drink that can spur moderation in consumption. It is also a leader in sustainability and innovation.

These qualities deserve acknowledgement in the form of a more progressive excise tax framework, incentives for innovation and consumption, as well as recognition for beer’s distinct economic and social contribution.

Beer is a force for good in Europe. We are innovative, transformative and support sustainability. And we bring people together.

We look forward to working with the new European Parliament and Commission. We see our relationship with policymakers as a partnership.

As the upcoming elections approach, we urge you to raise not just your glass, but also your voice. Breweries have been cornerstones of European culture and community for centuries, and we believe that a strong, united and democratic Europe is essential for our future. This election is a pivotal moment, and your vote can shape our shared future.

We believe that just as different ingredients add different flavours to our many beers, each voter contributes to the strength and diversity of our democracy. Let’s come together, just as we do in our pubs and breweries, to vote for a better Europe.