Brewers unveil Manifesto for a sustainable brewing future

Brewers unveil Manifesto for a sustainable brewing future

Manifesto for a sustainable brewing future

Brussels, February 29, 2024 – With three months to go until the European Parliament elections, The Brewers of Europe have published their 2024-2029 Manifesto for a sustainable brewing future, a succinct one-pager urging decision-makers to recognise beer as Europe’s beverage of choice, with its distinct and positive economic and social contribution to communities across the continent as well as its value in promoting moderation.

The 2024 elections are set to be some of the most consequential in the European Union’s history, setting the tone for policy for years to come. Europe’s brewing sector continues to be ever more sustainable and innovative, contributing positively to economic growth, responsible consumption and the circular economy.

Beer’s role in supporting growth, the environment and the well-being of Europeans should be recognised through policies, the Manifesto says. It has seven requests for decision-makers in the EU, starting with the call to recognise the intrinsic nature of beer as a lower-alcohol beverage that can incite consumers towards moderating their consumption.

Other points on the Manifesto include calls for a more progressive excise tax framework; measures to incentivise innovation; proportionate alcohol labelling legislation; and a robust industrial policy to maintain Europe’s position as a leading beer-producing region.

The Brewers of Europe Head of Operations Simon Spillane said the Manifesto aims to show that brewers are looking ahead and providing answers to some of the challenges facing Europe.

Beer is a force for good in Europe,” he said. “Brewing provide a distinct economic and social contribution; brewers are innovative and support sustainability, while beer brings people together. We also lead the way in promoting moderate consumption as part of a balanced lifestyle, by equipping adult consumers with the tools and choices to drink better. Policymakers should recognise our role and develop regulation that prioritises partnerships, policies and practices that encourage the adoption of lower alcohol products like beer.

The Brewers of Europe represents some 10,000 breweries, accounts for over two million jobs and generates some €40 billion in government revenues across the EU each year. In recent years, brewers have pioneered campaigns and initiatives like the European Beer Pledge and the Proud to be Clear campaign to raise awareness about moderate drinking. Brewers have also developed a growing range of lower and non-alcohol beers, which are today the fastest growing part of the overall beer market.

The Brewers of Europe manifesto is available here.


Simon Spillane, Head of Operations,

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