What connects beer and elections? Europe needs both!

What connects beer and elections? Europe needs both!

What connects beer and elections? Europe needs both!

As European elections begin, it’s time to celebrate the vibrant democracy we all share.

Voting is not just a duty. It’s an opportunity to raise a glass to our diverse political traditions.

Let’s make a frothy comparison: Europe’s political landscape is as varied as its vast choice of beers.

Imagine walking into a bar with an extensive beer menu. Each brew represents a different policy, candidate, or party. Just as you wouldn’t necessarily let someone else choose your drink for you, why let someone else decide the future of Europe on your behalf?

When you order a beer, you might consider the flavour, the strength, the brewing process, the provenance, the ingredients, and perhaps the values of the brewery. Similarly, when voting, you evaluate the platforms of the candidates and parties, their stance on critical issues, and their vision for Europe. The choices of beers and candidates also vary from country to country.

Consider the impact of not choosing your own beer. You might end up with something you dislike, something that doesn’t suit your taste or values. In the political realm, abstaining from voting can lead to outcomes that do not align with your interests.

Now, think about the diversity of beer. There’s a brew for everyone: ales, lagers, stouts, IPAs, alcohol-free, gluten-free, each crafted to appeal to different tastes. Each beer also has its local routes, with all these candidates coming together to make up Europe’s caried and diverse culture. In the same way, the European elections offer a spectrum of choices, with candidates and parties that represent a wide range of views and interests.

Just like each country offers its distinctive political flavour, every sip and every vote celebrates our diverse tastes and perspectives. Your vote is a crucial ingredient in this vibrant democratic brew, ensuring all voices are heard and respected.

Voting is also an activity that brings society together, much like sharing a beer with friends. It fosters community and dialogue, encouraging discussions about the future we want to build together. By voting, you take part in a collective effort to shape a better Europe for all its citizens.

So, as you enjoy your next drink, think about the flavour of the future you want to create. Raise your glass to democracy, take a cheerful sip, and make sure your voice is heard in the European elections. Cheers to a democratic, diverse and delicious Europe! Beer – it’s Europe’s choice!

#UseYourVote #EUElections2024

Simon Spillane
Head of Operations

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