Why Brewers need an election Manifesto

Why Brewers need an election Manifesto

Why brewers need an election manifesto

An election manifesto is usually associated with a political party or candidate. As voters head to the polls, a manifesto can set out what they stand for and what they plan to do if elected.

However, manifestos can also define the hopes and expectations of people and groups that are not on the ballot paper. And with just over three months until the European Parliament elections, The Brewers of Europe is publishing its own 2024-2029 Manifesto to express what the beer industry would like to see the European Union achieve over the next five years.

As brewers, we are proud of our position as an industry that is constantly innovating, driving the economy, supporting sustainability and bringing people together. Beer is a low-alcohol drink and brewers champion moderation: when consumed responsibly, beer can be perfectly compatible with an adult’s balanced lifestyle.

These are all positives for Europe. We cannot predict the June election results or the composition of the next European Commission, but we can be confident that there is support for more economic growth, innovation, sustainability and healthy lifestyle choices.

That is why we believe the EU has an interest in supporting our efforts as brewers.

Our Manifesto is simple: support our industry because we support local communities, because we empower consumers and because we champion sustainability.

Our first and main one is to recognise the intrinsic nature of beer as a lower-alcohol drink that can spur moderation in consumption. Beer already has a relatively low alcohol content compared to other alcoholic beverages. But we are also pioneers in lower and non-alcohol alternatives – and in just a few years, this part of the beer category has grown considerably, faster than all other beers. In addition, we lead the way in initiatives to raise awareness about moderation, notably through our Beer Pledge and Proud to be Clear campaigns.

Our efforts show that we are walking the talk: there has been progress on all fronts in equipping adult consumers with the tools and choices to drink better. We trust that EU policymakers recognise this progress. That means prioritising partnerships, policies, and practices that promote the adoption of lower alcohol products and reinforce the norm of moderate consumption. These can take the form of progressive tax frameworks, support for research, and investment in the promotion and marketing of lower alcohol drinks.

Our other Manifesto points include measures to ensure alcohol labelling remains objective and clear; a fair approach in applying and enforcing packaging and packaging waste rules; promoting a supportive framework on sustainable food systems that encourages innovation; and upholding Europe’s position as a leading beer-producing region.

As brewing becomes ever more sustainable, more innovative and leads the way in moderation, we encourage and have confidence in EU policymakers to support our manifesto for a sustainable brewing future.

You can read the full manifesto here.